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Are you looking for a cleaner? You can quickly and easily find a helper via Hlprs! Save some time. Coming home in a clean house, that feeling… we want you to have that.

Quickly find a cleaner in Apeldoorn via Hlprs

Is your agenda overflowing and would you like some more time for yourself, your family and your friends? We get that. That's why you can find a cleaner who fits your needs with the Hlprs online platform.
Hlprs is simple and quick. You can quickly find a helper (that's what the service providers who work via Hlprs are called) in your region, and you get to choose yourself. We've made the choice an easy one, so don't worry.
The right help at the right moment makes people happy. But, in order to achieve that, they first have to find each other. That is where Hlprs comes in. It's what we do best. We keep improving our platform constantly. Happy to help.

How Hlprs works

In a clear overview you can see all the active cleaners in your region which are available at the day(s) you requested. You can select your favorite helpers from there.
Check out the helpers' profiles and see what the level of experience is from the different helpers. You can also see their hourly rate, which they chose themselves. In the profile you can also see how far along in the screening process someone is. All helpers finish a mandatory ID-verification before they can start working via Hlprs. Besides that, they can also choose to finish an additional screening. Also very convenient: you can check out the reviews they received from previous clients.

What kind of cleaning tasks does a helper do?

The cleaners are happy to help you out with all kinds of cleaning and household chores in and around the house. Below, you find an overview of the common tasks cleaners do:
Dusting and vacuuming
Mopping floors
Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom
Cleaning windows
… and much more!
View the cleaners in your region and select your favorite!

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How does Hlprs work?

Huishoudelijke hulp via Hlprs

Select your service

You have plenty of choice: a cleaner, gardener, handyman or babysitter. Do you want it all? No problem! Enter your zip code and find yourself a helper in your region.
Kies je helper

Choose your helper

You can choose your own helper! All helpers have a profile where you find info about their hourly rate, experience and reviews. Easy choice, right?
Plan een afspraak met de helper

Schedule an appointment

Found your helper? Choose the start date and time you'd like their help. How often the helper will come, is also your choice. You’re the client, you decide!

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Hlprs: The online platform to find a helper quickly

We all need some extra help from time to time. We understand. Our mission is to help you as well as possible. That’s how you can spend your valuable time on other things. Hobbies for example. Or work. Or more time for yourself. Via Hlprs you find yourself a helper quickly who can help you with all household chores. No hassle, no fine print.

The benefits

Quickly find a cleaner in Apeldoorn via Hlprs

Hire a cleaner in Apeldoorn. We can imagine that after a busy week at work, cleaning your house is probably the last thing you want to do. Hlprs offers help in the household, so that you have more time for other - fun- stuff. Get in touch with a suitable helper (that's what the service providers that work via Hlprs are called) who lives near you in no-time!

What are the chores the cleaners can help you with?

With our online platform you can choose a cleaner who suits you and your wishes yourself. Your choice can be based on the reviews someone received. But maybe the hourly rate is the main thing for you. The helpers choose their own hourly rate. Perhaps you'll base your choice on the level of experience and motivation someone has. The choice is yours!
Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom
Making the bed
Cleaning the toilet
Do you need anything else done? No problem! There's a fair chance that you'll find a cleaner in your region who can help you out with that as well. Has a helper worked for you and are you satisfied with the work they did? In that case you could leave them a review. That way you'll help out both the helper and other clients!

This is why you'd like to hire a cleaner in Apeldoorn via Hlprs

We've made sure everything is taken care of for both you and the helper. It's very simple! You choose the cleaner who fits your needs the best. You'll see a handy overview of all the helpers in your area. In this overview you can also see for each helper what kind of certificates and relevant work experience they have.You can also see reviews from other clients That way we try to make the choice as easy as possible for you.
Do you want to make sure you're 100% covered on all bases? In that case we recommend to use the Hlprs Happiness Garantie. This warranty is based on risk-sharing, so you don't pay any unnecessarily high fees.
No need to worry about any administrative hassle. At the end of the month you only need to remember to pay via iDEAL or SEPA-direct. The helpers work legally, of course. Safety is important! They work via de Regulation 'dienstverlening aan huis'.
Give yourself that extra free time and hire a cleaner. Very nice!
Which helper are you going to choose? Check out who's available in your region and select your favorite(s)!

Hlprs is active all over the Netherlands! The helpers can be found in these areas of Apeldoorn:

Apeldoorn Centrum Apeldoorn West Apeldoorn Zuid Apeldoorn Oost Apeldoorn Noord

Happy clients, that's our goal!

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