Hlprs Booking Service

We help you with making a booking
Vind een helper - Hlprs

1. Hlprs Booking Service request

Do you need help with creating a booking? Fill in the form to request the Hlprs Booking Service and we will get in touch with you. Together we will go through the booking process and select the helpers that you are interested in. The request form for the Hlprs Booking service can be found on the booking page.

2. We will contact you

We will contact you by phone to go through the booking process. You tell us in which helpers you are interested. They are the first ones to be approached whether they are willing and able to accept your booking.
Vind een helper - Hlprs
Vind een helper - Hlprs

3. We will keep track of the the reactions for you

Once the booking has been made, we will keep an eye on who responded to your booking. If these helpers are different from the helpers you have selected, we will contact you. You are in charge of who will work for you!

4. Get in touch with the helper

Has a helper responded that you liked? You have a confirmed booking! You can now contact the helper to discuss the work before he or she starts working for you.
Vind een helper - Hlprs
Vind een helper - Hlprs

5. Pay only after a confirmed booking

You will only receive a one-time invoice of €29.95 when you agreed upon the helper. This is the amount that we charge for the Hlprs Booking Service per booking.

Happy clients, that's our goal!

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