Legislation Hlprs

How is the legislation arranged for Hlprs? Very well! All helpers work according the Home Services Regulations. They work legally, as it should. This is better for both helper and client.

Regulation 'dienstverlening aan huis'

Via the Home Services Regulation, individuals can hire cleaners, gardeners, handymen and babysitters. Clients employ the helpers directly. This means that the helpers work legally. This prevents high fines and offers clients and helpers many benefits.


- The client can hire a helper (service provider) easily and without high administrative costs. Hlprs takes care of the invoicing and administration for you.
- It is easier to hire someone for odd jobs around the house.
- No dismissal permit required.
- The work is performed completely legally.

Conditions of Home Service Regulations

- The client pays the legally minimum wage to the helper. This is the case via Hlprs.
- The helper is entitled to a paid vacation in proportion to the number of hours worked, with a holiday bonus of 8%.
- The client continues to pay the helper in case of illness, for a maximum of 6 visits.
Tip from Hlprs: Confirm your agreements in a work agreement; this is always a good idea.

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