Trust & safety

Trust: a crucial aspect if you ask us. We are doing everything we can to ensure you enjoy the Hlprs platform with all the extensive options. Two things are needed for this: trust and safety.


Whether you are a client or a helper: we are happy to have you! We understand you want to know if an online platform is safe to use. What about your personal details? How do you know if you can trust the person you hire? And is the payment method you chose safe?


We can give a clear answer to these questions: Hlprs is safe in all areas!
When you make a booking, you choose a helper. This way, you can analyse the reviews other clients wrote about the helper, and you can also see the badges that the helper retained , their hourly rate, a picture and a short introduction. This way, you always make a good choice as a client; a choice that fits your needs.

Send messages safely

When a match is made between a client and a helper, you can easily contact eachother via the chat feature on your Hlprs account. You can get to know eachother better, and discuss the work that needs to be done.

ID is checked

All helpers perfomed an ID verification. This way, as a client, you have certainty about who you receive in your home. Helpers can also take an indepth screening. You can see in advance how far a helper has been screened by means of the badges.

All helpers are screened

All helpers need to pass a basic screening: an ID verification and a questionnaire. On top of that, extra screening can be chosen, such as a phone intake with one of the employees of Hlprs, an indepth screening or a relevant course. For each of the extra steps, the helpers earn a badge. The badges are visible to the clients during the booking process.

Safe handling of your personal data

In order to sign up as a helper, you only need to fill in basic personal information. The way we handle your personal data, can be read in our privacy statement.

Safe payments

Payments are performed easily via the reliable payment provider Stichting Online Betalen. The client has the guarantee that the payment is transfered safely and quickly to their helper. And the helper? He is ensured of the payment as soon as the invoice is paid. No hassle with cash!

Regulation 'dienstverlening aan huis'

All helpers work via the “Home Services Regulation” and are therefore entitled to good working conditions. Think of a safe work environement. The “Home Services Regulation” works both ways; this way we expect the helpers to handle the information that occurs during work, with discretion. We will ensure that this is guaranteed. We do this by regularly informing, but also by continuing to ask for feedback.

We are here for you!

For the trust part, we think it is important for us to be there for you. If you have any questions or feedback, we are happy to remove the uncertainties for you. Contact us via if you have questions.
In short, safety before anything. You can trust us in that.

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