About Hlprs

Hlprs: Happy to help!

The right help at the right moment makes people happy. But, in order to achieve that, they first have to find each other. That is what Hlprs does, as much as possible. That is what we do and what we want to become better at. Happy to help.
Ambition and pleasure are anchored in the DNA of Hlprs. We build a large company that we can be proud of. Improving our platform and service: we strive for that. Happy clients and happy helpers, that’s what we do it for, because happy clients give us the energy to make even more clients even more happy.

The history of Hlprs

We started small, at the base. Founder Bas Tolenaar started cleaning as a side job in 1999. As a real entrepreneur, he saw opportunities to arrange cleaning services and babysitting for individuals. Now, many years later, the organisation has become the biggest player in services in and around the house: Hlprs.
“As a student I enjoyed cleaning as a side job. Now I’m living a busy life, I think it’s great when I come home to a clean house.” – Bas Tolenaar, founder of Hlprs. - Bas Tolenaar, oprichter Hlprs.
From our beautiful office in Breda, with our team we ensure that clients and helpers could find each other on a large online platform. Our purpose? Making people happy with a cleaner, gardener, handyman or babysitter. There’s more: we offer people of different ages, cultures and background a chance to work and make other people happy. A (side) job that gives satisfaction and where you what you control where, when and at what hourly rate you will work, isn’t easy to find. But at Hlprs, you can find it.
Household chores and jobs in and around the house are activities that many people don’t have time for or don’t like. Something beautiful happens when those tasks are taken over by someone who performs those tasks with pleasure and whistling. The helper can earn something extra and the helped is happy with a clean house, refurbished garden or the completed jobs. The power of helping and being helped, we believe in that. Hlprs makes all kinds of jobs in and around the house easier, happy to help!
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Happy clients, that's our purpose!